J o u r n a l  o f  P r i s o n e r s  o n  P r i s o n s
"There are two kinds of prisons. One is built with concrete, steel, and razor wire. The other is built in the dungeons of our minds. It may be that none of us can escape from the 'solitary confinement' we've condemned ourselves to out of fear, pride, and social inertia. We construct actual prisons as bitterly as we construct our individual places of detention, building them on ruins of other epochs, accepting as viable failures of other socirties, even other centuries. When everything else we have put our hands to fails to solve the problems of our individual and collective consciences, the limestone and steel cemented by our pitiless morality will remain as a monument..."
-Joseph E. McCormick, from JPP 5:1 (1993)
Submission Guidelines

  • Prisoners and former prisoners are encouraged to submit papers, collaborative essays, discussions transcribed from tape, book reviews, and photo or graphic essays.

  • The Journal will not publish any subject matter that advocates hatred, sexism, racism, violence or that supports the death penalty.

  • The Journal does not publish material that usually focuses on the writer's own legal case, although the use of the writer's personal experiences as an illustration of a broader topic is encouraged.

  • The Journal does not usually publish fiction and does not generally publish poetry.

  • Illustrations, drawings and paintings may be submitted as potential cover art.

  • Articles should be no longer than 20 pages typed and double-spaced or legibly handwritten. Electronic submissions are gratefully received.

  • Writers may elect to write anonymously or under a pseudonym.

  • For references cited in an article, writers should attempt to provide the necessary bibliographic information. Refer to the references cited in past issues for examples.

  • Editors look for developed pieces that address topics substantially. Manuscripts go through a preliminary reading and then are sent to review by the Editorial Board. Those that are of suitable interest are returned to the author with comments or suggestions. Editors work with writers on composition and form, and where necessary may help the author with referencing and bibliographic information, not readily available in prisons. Selected articles are returned to authors for their approval before publication. Papers not selected are returned with comments from the editor. Revised papers may be resubmitted.

  • Please submit biographical and contact information, to be published alongside articles unless otherwise indicated.

  • If interested in making a submission we appreciate the enclosure of a brief abstract, with clear and accurate contact details for the author.

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Send submissions to:
Journal of Prisoners on Prisons
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Assistant Professor
Department of Criminology
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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