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"By composing a loose collective to form an alternative to riot, no visible leadership was created. Spread throughout the housing units, the intelligensia (for lack of a more definitive term) met, debated and resolved a synthesis of ideas at recreation, meals, and work assignments. Without a centralized plan, other than to avert a riot, this constantly merging and diverging group, developed by consensus the idea of the unity walk. By not establishing a hierachial leadership, it became much more difficult for the administration to take preventative action by isolating the 'leadership'. Such a designation of individuals was too elusive to determine."
-Jon Marc Taylor, from JPP Vol. 9:2 (1998)
Editorial Board Members and Editorial Staff

  • Collectively, the JPP has a spirit that is both diverse and unique. Some people are more involved at various times, but everyone remains an available resource. This has produced a JPP entity composed of prisoners, ex-prisoners, anti-prison activists and academics, which we rely upon to maintain the journal.

  • Unlike a majority of publications in the academic world, the JPP has emphasised communication and correspondence with people inside, rather then those in free society. The journal has forged networks deep inside penal systems across North America and other parts of the world, to understand what is really happening behind the walls of prisons to make sense out of the experience of incarceration.

  • Many prisoners and JPP travelers have been with the journal since it started in 1988. Over the years, others have joined and injected new life into the initiative.

Editorial Staff

Editors: Justin Piché & Kevin Walby
Associate Editors: Susan Nagelsen & Charles Huckelbury
Dialogue Editor: Sarah Speight
Prisoners' Struggles Editor: Vicki Chartrand
Book Review Editor: Melissa Munn
Online Production Editor: Victoria Morris

Editorial Assistants:
Emma Huang
Victoria Hunter
Melissa Sam Soon
Aryan Ahmadvand
Raj Bapuji
Leon He

Typesetter: Brad Horning

Editorial Board Members

Andy Aresti
Gillian Balfour
Bree Carlton
Vicki Chartrand
Bell Gale Chevigny
Elizabeth Comack
Sacha Darke
Howard Davidson
Eugene Dey
Maritza Felices-Luna
Sylvie Frigon
Grace Gamez
Bob Gaucher
Christine Gervais
Colleen Hackett
Kelly Hannah-Moffatt
Stacey Hannem
Charles Huckelbury
Jennifer Kilty
Doran Larson
Sandra Lehalle
Michael Lenza
Tara Lyons
MaDonna Maidment
Katharina Maier
Joane Martel
Shadd Maruna
Erin McCuaig
Jeffrey Monaghan
Dawn Moore
Melissa Munn
Mecke Nagel
Susan Nagelsen
Justin Piché
Rose Ricciardelli
Stephen C. Richards
Jeffrey Ian Ross
Viviane Saleh-Hanna
Judah Schept
Renita Seabrook
Rashad Shabazz
Lisa Smith
Sarah Speight
Dale Spencer
Brian Chad Starks
Kelly Struthers Montford
Grant Tietjen
Ben Turk
Kevin Walby
Jason Williams
Denise Woodall
Matthew Yeager

Additional thanks to: Jessica Clark, Marie Clausén, Peggy Chrisovergis, Claire Delisle, Liz Elliott, Sara Falconer, Kristen Gilchrist, Zain Hirji, Gayle Horii, Jay Jones, John Lowman, Bryan MacLean, Lara Mainville, Thomas Mann, Alan Mobley, Peter Murphy, Eric Nelson, Greg Newbold, Michael O'Hearn, Jessica Pearce, Rebecca Ross, Karen Emily Suurtamm, Kim Pate, Jessica Pearce, Hal Pepinsky, Stephen Reid, Rebecca Ross, Robert "Rosy" Rowbotham, Curtis Taylor, Kim Cunnington-Taylor, Jon Marc Taylor and Paul Wright.