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"Prison samizdat has been described, I think correctly as 'the real prison press' in contrast to the prison press sponsored by, or at least approved by, the jail administration. The samizdat constitutes an underground activity carried out by prisoners 'without sanction of prison officials,' and often in conditions of 'considerable adversity.' The discovery of a samizdat journal is likely to lead to the punishment of those responsible for its production and distribution and the destruction of all copies that the authorities have been able to discover. The unfettered expression of opinion in its pages represents a challenge to the prison establishment that cannot easily be tolerated."
-Peter Brock, from JPP Vol: 12 (2003)
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The JPP is a non-profit pursuit, and everybody involved volunteers their time. We have no state ties and do not rely on any direct funding from outside sources. This is important, as it limits interference, providing prisoners and editorial staff with the opportunity to maintain the vision and integrity of the publication. Although it allows for creative freedom, it does bring considerable financial constraints. Subscription rates are very affordable and we encourage everyone to help support the JPP as it relies exclusively on sales. Issues make great companion texts for university courses, alongside Writing as Resistance: The JPP Anthology 1988-2002 (Gaucher, Ed. 2002). These voices are unique and often unheard, and we hope to continue working with the public, for the public. Thank you for your support.

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