J o u r n a l  o f  P r i s o n e r s  o n  P r i s o n s
"Our people were given many prophecies. Before the Strangers came across the oceans to this sacred land with their strange ways, There were none of our people in prison There were simply no prisons. Because we had a better way."
-Arthur Solomon, from JPP Vol. 2:2 (1990)

  • To provide prisoners and former prisoners with a platform to write and speak about their experiences relating to carceral institutions and 'criminal justice'.

  • To help inform penal policies and practices by producing discourse that competes with incomplete, popular and conventional definitions and constructions of prisoners and methods of social control.

  • To help inform public and private opinions about the realities of incarceration.

  • To act in the interest of the public by remaining not-for-profit, and free of state and private influence.

  • To facilitate educatory discourse amongst prisoners, students, academics, workers in the system and the general public.

  • To recognize the historical value of the penal press and maintain a line of communication between free society and those deprived of their liberty.

  • To promote accountability and basic human rights.