J o u r n a l  o f  P r i s o n e r s  o n  P r i s o n s
"As I began to walk, there was a gentle rain. I became engulfed with unfamiliar emotions as my capacity to feel returned, overtaking strong defense mechanisms ingrained over years of incarceration. I began to feel sorrow, the pain of prisoners lost, the loss of Kevin. Names, faces all came into focus as did the deprivation of simple basic aspects of life I no longer knew. Most important, for me, the true meaning of Prison Justice Day became clear. It did not matter what others did or did not do. This was my day to grieve the way I wanted to, remembering those who died naturally or unnaturally while inside. The tears came, the rain increased; in the words of a dear friend, 'God knows our suffering, and is crying with us."
-Robert Brydon, from JPP Vol. 3: 1 & 2 (1991)

James V. Allridge III

Robert Brydon

Johnny "ByrdDog" Byrd

Jim Campbell

Peter Collins

Claire Culhane

Liz Elliott

Victor Hassine

Louk Hulsman

John Irwin

Thomas Mathiesen

Jo-Ann Mayhew

Marlene Moore

Ruth Morris

Little Rock Reed

Arthur Solomon